Oxygen Advantage

Patrick McKeown is one of the leading breathing experts of our time.
In the last two decades he taught thousands of people worldwide. 2015 he gave his method it's name and released the associated book "The Oxygen Advantage".
It has since been published in over 14 languages.

His second book "The Breathing Cure" was published first in 2021. It's already known as "the definitive book on breathing".
Patricks' passion for this topic reflects in all conversations with him and also lit the spark in myself.

The exercises are all scientific recognized and suitable for almost everyone.

Pillars of the method

The Oxygen Advantage is based on three pillars:

breathe light

  • improves resilience
  • Less negative pressure in upper airways during sleep
  • improved blood circulation
  • improved oxygen delivery to cells
  • leads to a calmer mind
  • improves focus and concentration

breathe slow

  • stimulate Vagus nerve
  • improves alveolar ventilation
  • imprives Heart-Rate-Variability HRV, HFV)
  • optimises Parasympathetic-Sympathetic-balance
  • helps restore autonomous nervous system

breathe deep

  • improves lung volume
  • improves oxygen update in blood
  • spinal stabilisation
  • improve functional movement
  • increases lymphatic drainage
  • leads to calmer mind
  • improves focus and concentration

What is functional breathing and why do 90% breathe wrong?