The Wim Hof Method

A short update on 01.01.24:

In the meantime I stopped working together with Inner Fire (the company behind the Wim Hof Method).
This has nothing to do with Wim himself or the benefits of his method.
I simply don't confirm with the way his children lead the company as well as how Instructors are educated.

I will continue use the cold in my workshops as well as "connected breathing" - which is what the Wim Hof Method breathing really is.
Only the oficial title as "Wim Hof Method Instructor" is no longer for me to use :)

Happy, healthy, strong - that‘s almost a Mantra of Wim Hof.

And at some point during a walk through a winterly fresh snowed Murnau (only wearing a shirt, trouser and shoes) I also found myself thinking: „Boy, I do feel happy, healthy and strong!“

And it struck me: this is the basis for a fullfilling and satisfiying live.

The Wim Hof Method is a natural path to this optimal state of body and mind.

The method is based on three pillars:

  • a powerful breathing technique
  • gradual exposure to the cold (not necessarily an icebath)
  • mindset

Every one of these pillars leads to a better quality of life for itself.
But together it really is a potent combination.

The breathing technique quietens your mind and results in a deep relaxation.
What it also does is preparing your body for contact with the cold.

With cold exposure one aims for finding comfort in discomfort.

Of course that won’t happen from one day to another.

But I experienced honest joy and a deep connection to nature - while being submerged almost to the neck in a -2° C. cold river in Poland. My body took care of the cold and my mind was free to fully enjoy the here and now.

If one regulary practices the breathing method and does cold exposures, one trains our mental muscle. We get mentally stronger, more determined and more stress resilient.

The Wim Hof Method is not a dogma one doesn’t have to practice it day by day.
But it will change your personal experience and mindest pretty quick.
With a little bit of practice everyone will find the routine which is best for him/her.
If you want to bring it to the next level: try my workshops.

When attending fully commited your experience will be sky rocketing. I am able to safely say that when doing the WHM together with other people in a group, it will be a completely different experience. Going deep like never before.

I suggest that everyone should try this at least once - and this is a perfect gift also, by the way…

A lot of people use the WHM to work with their fears, to let go of trauma or worries. Of course this works alone, too. But again: there‘s no comparison for the connection you make during a guided session with a group of people.